Cú Chulainn: Supernatural Aid In The Epic

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Supernatural aid is present in the epic. Scáthach will be considered the supernatural aid, although she doesn't guide Cú Chulainn per she is the one who trained him. She also gave him the Gáe Bulga, a weapon he only has. Cú Chulainn himself can be considered a supernatural aid in many myths gods are the supernatural aids, and he possess god-like qualities. It is almost as if he is immortal. Emer and even Scáthach to an extent is also represented in the Meeting With the Goddess stages. The Roads of Trails is definitely present in the epic one trail is him fighting for Emer's hand in marriage. Another time The Roads of Trails is present is when Cú Chulainn must fight by himself against Medb's army. These are the main two, but throughout the

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