Personal Narrative: Death Of A Salesman

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The chiming of the doorbell startles me. Who could that be? I’m not expecting anyone today. I hurry to the front door, stand on my tip toes and peek out the peephole that is slightly higher than I had wished. I don’t recognize him, I thought as I opened the door. I know better than to open the door, but curiosity gets the best of me. He is a well-dressed, good looking young man who politely offers me a set of steak knives if he can come in and show me his product, which happens to be a vacuum cleaner. He obviously didn’t notice my “No Soliciting” sign on the front door. Regardless, he tells me, to my pleasant surprise, I will be under no obligation to buy anything. I sure can use a good set of steak knives I reason with myself, so I allow him to come in and set up his display. His demonstration is lasting much longer than I had anticipated. I have a good vacuum already. I don’t need a new one, but I sure am happy to get the steak knives. The salesman continues his presentation and trying to sell me a new vacuum. He is using every tactic in his hard-sell repertoire to try and talk me into purchasing that vacuum. How many times am I gonna have to tell him no? This is becoming more tedious than I had ever…show more content…
The gleam of the shiny stainless steel steak knives catch my attention. I am suddenly jolted out of my body, watching myself from above, slowly picking up a steak knife and lunging forward, planting the blade deep in the salesman’s chest. Blood spurts everywhere. The salesman lies dead on the floor. My carpet is now blood soaked and possibly ruined. I wonder if the vacuum has a carpet cleaner attachment that I could use to clean up this mess. Then, as though nothing had happened, I am back into my body and the salesman is still in front of me continuing to try and persuade me to purchase his wares. I’ve finally had enough. I can’t sit here and listen any longer. I politely excuse myself and leave the

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