Jim Flanagan's Call Of Duty

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There was a boy named Jim Bob Flanagan and he loved video games. Jim only ate Doritos and drink mt dew. He was on the fat side and was very unhealthy, he dropped out of school to do a full time career with Call Of Duty. He was only 15 years old and he was making thousands of dollars each Call of Duty tournament. One day Jim Bob was Playing is brand new limited edition Xbox 1 that was black and had Call of Duty stuff all over it. It was truly a masterpiece to the human eye, but there was a problem with it. The Xbox wasn't as good as the Playstation 4 but he didn't care, he knew that as a veteran COD player that Xbox was life. Back to the One day things i was saying. One day Jim Bob was playing his Xbox. and remember that Jim was the best COD player in the world and he had a nemesis. His name was N00BYB0Y55 and he was on OpTiC and Jim was in FaZe and so obviously they hated each other. So Jim was playing Call Of Duty and having a good time you know shooting noobs and then N00BYB0Y55 came up in the leaderboard and all the noobs were like “YAY N00BYB0Y beat Jim he's a bully bla bla bla”. So Jim Put in his microphone and started talking to N00BYB0Y55 and he plugged in his mic to. They were going on and on about who was better.…show more content…
Jim started to rage and freak out and then right before he left the game Jim said “we’ll settle this at the tournament this Saturday”. Then he left the game. Both Jim and N00BY were practicing with their teams optic and faze and they were training and practicing, they both thought this tournament was going to be

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