Personal Narrative: Cheetah Hunt

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Cheetah Hunt By : Dienite Guerrier (Jenny) “ In 5 , 4, 3, 2, 1, … Whoosh.” We were going sixty miles per hour. But let me back up a second. Have you ever been on a roller coaster? Well, I have and that my very first time. I had a lot on my mind at that moment . First, it was a beautiful as we drove to Busch Gardens. When we got there I could smell the food in the air around us. In the distance I could hear people screaming on the rides and having the time of there life. My friend Angela, and I went straight to our first ride. Next, as we were waiting in line Angela and I had a lot on our minds, “ Are you ready for this.” said Angela . “NO!” I replyed. After a few minutes it was our turn in line . My heart was racing so fast, I felt like I had ran a mile. As we got into our…show more content…
One part of my body was saying “Yes”. But the other part was saying “No”. I buckled my seat belt, and made sure I heard a “click.” All of a sudden I felt the ride moving slowly. Before I knew it ? We were going sixty miles per hour! I immediately closed my eyes. Then, as the ride was moving , I saw the bright sun flashing into my eyes . We were going up, down, and side to side. I could hear people screaming and having the time of there lives, While I was over here shaking and crying. I felt so dizzy! As I looked over my shoulder I see my friend Angela also shaking . I was laughing so hard, I felt like I was dying. I was gasping for air! At one point of the the ride, it started going slowly , so I opened my eyes thinking it was over …. But DUN DUN DUN

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