Valdivia, Chile Earthquake 1960

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Lourdes Betikoetxea 9/23/15 Science Research project Valdivia, Chile Earthquake 1960 In Valdivia, Chile on May 21, 1960 a 9.5 earthquake occurred. It is the largest earthquake ever recorded.1,655 people had died, 3,000 injured and it had left 2,000,000 people homeless. Four aftershocks occurred after the earthquake with magnitudes around 7.0. Valdivia had suffered catastrophic damage. The cost for the damage in southern chile was $550,000,000 dollars. Large tsunamis contributed to lots of the damage. Along the coast of Chile from Lebu to Puerto Aisen and in many areas of the Pacific Ocean. The waves were as high as 38 feet tall to 18 feet. It had destroyed homes within a two mile radius inland. Lots of people had died from the tsunamis

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