Condensate Re-Boiler Case Study Solution

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Discussion/Analysis of the Problem: As mentioned in the beginning of this report, there were several factors and reasons that led to the problems. The high level in TEG re-boiler is activating frequently and caused to stop the gas production to avoid hydrate formation occurs in the downstream equipment's of TEG contactor and gas export pipe lines. Also, the performance of condensate re-boiler is low due to re-boiler fouling. Both problems affected the company in terms of gas and condensate production, recorded as high deferment. Both problems can be solved by identifying solutions that will provide support and help to avoid the same scenarios to occur again in the future. For overloading of TEG re-boiler factors and solutions as following: 1st Factor: TEG re-boiler temperature is running at higher side 206 deg C. The actual…show more content…
If the temperature of the re-boiler keeps at normal operating range, it may help to maintain level in the re-boiler. Advantage and disadvantage of the solution:  The disadvantage of this solution is that it is not much useful solution which can’t solve the problem entirely and slightly decrease the dehydration efficiency.  The advantage of this solution is that it is going to minimize the amount of TEG losses since it is very costly. 2nd Factor: Since there is no control valve outlet of TEG re-boiler, it is difficult to control and maintain the level in the re-boiler. This is one of the design issues which will affect the operation for long time. Solution (2): The above problem can be solved by doing modification by installing new control valve outlet of the TEG re-boiler. There is a small spool in the flow line between the re-boiler outlet and pumps suction which easily can be removed and install new control valve. It will help to maintain level in the re-boiler without disturbing the TEG system

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