Personal Narrative: A Embarrassing Day At A Water Park

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Have you ever had one of those embarrassing days at a waterpark that really turned out to be no big deal? If you have, then we have something in common. On a steamy summer morning in June, my family and I decided to go to Water Wiz for a fun day at the waterpark. We all hopped in the car with excitement. I was jittery like a ten- year- old who drank four cups of coffee. Me, being my six-year-old self, grabbed my moms phone, slumped in my chair, and played temple run until we got there. As I felt the car slow down, I had a feeling we were there. I looked up and saw a very promising sign that stated in immense letters Water Wiz™. My heart started pounding with excitement as if I just won a million dollars. I hopped out of the car as fast…show more content…
She sees me standing in a puddle of pee and tears. She took me to our belongings and sat me down. “What happened?” She questioned with concern I finished my weeping and crying for the most part, and told my mom in a post crying voice trying to hold back tears, “I peed in the pool, and it turned blue for some reason. Then everyone was staring at me like I was some sort of monster.” “Why on earth would you pee in the pool?” My mom said with disappointment “I don’t know” I exclaimed with sorrow. “The worst part was, there was a kid who laughed at me and announced to the whole world what I did in the pool,” I explained to her. After I told my mom about the kid who made fun of me, she was most upset about that than anything else. “Which kid was it!?” She asked me. I took my hand and pointed, This is where things got ugly. My mom took my hand and grabbed it with anger, dragging me to the little snob who exposed me for peeing in the pool. The child and his mom were sitting peacefully by their chairs with happy grins acting as if they were living as royalty, My mom with fury went up to the other child's mom and shouted, “What’s your child's

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