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Design and Fabrication of Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Abstract- In Every year insects cause enormous loss in agriculture by damaging crops and food production. Nowadays insects become health hazard to humans also. Occurrence of Dengue, caused by mosquito, drastically increases in few years .So this pest repellent is very vital for survival of the human also. There are many processes for protecting living beings from insects. Pesticides are very commonly used thing for insects control besides that there are insect- repelling plants and insect traps. But the adverse effect of using pesticides is well known fact nowadays. Thus one of the best eco-friendly systems that has designed and fabricated is ultrasonic pest repellents .Through this paper…show more content…
It is cheap, eco-friendly and effective and produces no risk at all to human .It is an electronic device ,capable of generating sound of ultrasonic frequency range, which is not audible to human ear but to pests like rodents, birds, insects etc. Because of the sound of this frequency (10-100 kHz) pests feel unpleasant and due to intense auditory stress they move away from the device. The device can be utilized to repel mosquito, farmers to repel rodents, insects and other pests.Electronic pest repellent has many advantages over a chemical repellent. Some of the salient features are: EPR operates on a very small voltage equivalent to 5 volt and consumes less power. The cost of the electronic device is less low so that every individual and family can buy and use it. Its size becomes small and can be kept anywhere. All pests do not react at the same ultrasonic frequency. While some pests get repelled at 35 kHz, some others get repelled a 35kHz to 40kHz.So Ultrasonic frequency has to be continuously changed, otherwise Pest and insects may be habitual. This paper describes the design methodology of electronic circuit of ultrasonic pest Controller and also explains how the design of repellent can be modified according to

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