King Henry And Hotspur Comparison

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King Henry uses plant and earthly references to show the positive and negative qualities in both Prince Henry and Hotspur. Before King Henry begins to criticize his own, he tells the Lords to leave the room. King Henry says, “For the hot vengeance and the rod of heaven to punish my misreadings. Tell me else, could such inordinate and low desires, such poor, such bare, such lewd, such mean attempts, such barren pleasures, rude society, As thou art matched withal and grafted to, accompany the greatness of thy blood and hold their level with thy princely heart?” King Henry complains about his “unruly” child being sent to Earth possibly for payment of his own sins, specifically for his participation in the murder of King Richard II. King Henry describes Hal as having…show more content…
The word grafted is many times associated with plants and when one plant is merged with another to permanently change it. King Henry is calling Hal a hybrid, picking up unappealing qualities by mutating with a weaker class. Although King Henry criticizes Hal for his poor qualities, he also says he has “greatness of [in] thy blood” and that he has a “princely heart”. He is from the royal family but cross-bred with lower class qualities. Not only does King Henry talk about Prince Henry, but he then converses with Glendower about Hotspur’s righteous characteristics. When talking to Glendower, King Henry talks about his envy for Northumberland because of his “honorable” son. King Henry starts to wish that he himself had Hotspur as a child and not Prince Hal. King Henry he says, “In envy that my Lord Northumberland should be the father to so blest a son, A son who is the theme of Honor’s tongue, Amongst a grove the very straightest plant, Who is sweet Fortune’s minion and her pride; Whilst I, by looking on the praise of him, See riot and dishonor stain the brow Of my young Harry.” King Henry bluntly expresses his envy for Northumberland because he is “blest a son”, or blessed by having Hotspur

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