Gemini Electronics Case Summary

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The comprehensive business plan for Gemini Electronics, an American corporation, included capitalizing on strategic growth and product expansion. The strategic objective was to re-establish themselves as a major manufacturer of consumer electronic products in the US, compete with key competitors with quality comparable products and improve brand image. Gemini’s corporate strengths compromised the excellent reputation for quality at an affordable price with thirty-five percent market shares in the US. Due to its innovative nature the company already had prototypes under development for video phones, web browsing and e-mail capabilities. They would also likely be able to meet the demands for products such as 3-D Televisions within an 18 month time frame and meet the expected growth in demand. Their factories were highly automated and could quickly produce different products. The just-in-time…show more content…
The limited amount of electronic manufacturing within the US forces them to keep a large part inventory on hand due to the long delivery times from Asia. To compensate retailers for supplying the product, financial interest was not charged on overdue accounts and a generous credit limit was provided. The corporate brand awareness was substandard as advertising was limited to funding product advertisements, to in store flyers, and consumers were not aware that the product was assembled in the US. A major threat was the emerging competition as Korean and Japanese rivals began lowering their prices to comparable levels. A number of emerging technology trends were surfacing including television with video phone capabilities as expectation for these products increase. The opportunities consisted of growth development for expansion geographically into South America, Europe and Asia. A targeted objective would be to widen the product offering or expand thru

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