Personal Essay: Joining Boxing As A Role Model

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A CHICANO BOXER It’s rough being the oldest out of the big family i got. Feels like all eyes are set on me and being the role model of all my younger brothers and sister is stressful. There is 6 of us not including my parents, in a house full of energy and wild little kids there is always something going on. To get away from the noisy house i tend to take long jogs to the Pagoda and sit up there and enjoy the view of my city. I’m always active always staying busy doing something outside like sports or just taking walks around the park in front of my house. I also enjoy playing soccer with my neighborhood friends i’ve known since i was a little kid. when i was younger i always dreamed of becoming…show more content…
So i decided to join boxing. I don’t know why the idea came to me but everything happens for a reason and now i’ve been boxing for two years .I Started when i was 14 and everything was hard for me because of my inability to run fast or for long periods also i was fat and had no confidence in myself. I would always get picked on just for the fact of being a poor mexican kid and wasn’t as good as the other boxers in the gym . No coaches showed any interest in training me, they would send me to run all day just so i would get out there way and putting me in the ring with tough boxers with way more experience than me so i would end up getting really messed up coming home from the gym everyday with black eyes and busted lips. I didn’t quit though, a year passed and i wanted to take it to the next level . I wanted to compete in tournaments and put my name out there by this time boxing was my life and i knew i had to get a better trainer who actually cared for my health and well being i knew if i stuck with the same people i wasn’t going to get anywhere i realize they were slowing me down and i had enough. I came across a great man who took me in when no one believed in me, when no

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