Perks Of Being A Wall Flower Analysis

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The perks of being a wall flower The perks of being a wall flower has a sudden change, like any other book. The protagonist in this novel written by Stephen Chbosky is Charlie. When I came across the Charlie in the beginning he seemed like a innocent and emotionally unstable boy. He couldn’t stop thinking at bad memories and made up scenario in his head of his future. Nothing would stop him from thinking about life in a negative way. High school was going to be hard and not at all fun. But when he actually started high school and got to meet new people that he actually could call friends his life took a turn. For once in his life, since his best friend Michael committed suicide, he had something that could take his mind of the bad memories. For once Charlie had the shot to create his own memories with people he loved that loved him back. You could say that when Charlie took a step into high school was the time his life began.…show more content…
I wouldn’t necessarily state that he “changed” because I didn’t really have chance to see the real Charlie, only the depressed Charlie. But as he got friend and he received the safety to be a part of a community or a group the real Charlie peeked out. He wasn’t the wall flower he used to be. He wasn’t considered as “the lonely wolf” anymore, people knew him as Charlie. Therefor I can definitely adduce the fact that Charlie changed during the book. But I would claim that the real Charlie actually had the guts to take a step outside the tiny box he had lived in during the time Charlie got depressed. Yet the hidden side of Charlie isn’t there when he’s not surrounded by his close ones. When Charlie wonders around the school halls he states “ Yesterday was difficult because I didn’t know

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