Patient Interoperability Research Paper

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Interoperability in healthcare is one of the most efficient and life saving methods of keeping patient records. Although time saving, patients are guaranteed the best healthcare possible by having all of their records in one place. Keeping in mind that more than one doctor sees a patient when the patient is hospitalized, Interoperability allows for labs, x-rays, CT scans, vitals, and anything that has to do with the patient be visible to every single personnel taking care of that individual. One of the most critical points of information a physician needs to know is a patient’s medical history. Whether it comes to allergies, heart conditions, or even diabetes, not everyone can take the same medication to treat a similar condition. Interoperability…show more content…
As the ambulance brings the patient in, doctors are rushing in to administer medication to slow down the processes of whatever is going on. As the doctors gain information from the patient, CT techs perform a CT and discover that the patient has had a mini stroke. Thirty minutes later, when the patient is now stable and back from the test, the doctor will save time and go on the computer to look at the test results. As he pulls up the CT, he decides he has seen enough evidence to know that he must admit the patient. Once the admitting doctor is done, he knows nothing else about the case. Thanks to interoperability, the information the doctor obtained and the medications and treatments the doctor prescribed and performed are now documented for the next doctor to see. As the patient spends the night in a regular unit, rapid response is called because the patient’s speech has started to slur. The doctor who took over has now decided to admit the patient into the intensive care unit to have critical care and more observation. During his stay in the intensive care unit, the doctor comes to do his rounds. Confused about why he is having slurred speech, the doctor communicates with a neurologist who knows nothing about the patient. As the neurologist (who is specialized in knowing why these things happen) goes in the system to look at the patients medications and tests done. As he analyzes the CT scan one more time, he catches a critical situation going on in the patient’s

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