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Pablo Emilio Escobar was a Colombian drug lord and led one of the most powerful criminal organizations ever created. He controlled an empire of drugs and even murder. He made billions of dollars and ordered the murder of thousands of people. Some people even called him “El Senor”, which means The lord. Pablo Escobar’s ambition and ruthlessness made him one of the wealthiest, most powerful, and most violent criminals of all time. Pablo Escobar was born December 1, 1949 in Antioquia, Colombia. His father was Abel de Jesus Dari Escobar, who was a farmer and his mother was Hermilda Gaviria, who was an elementary school teacher. He grew up on the streets of Medellin, Colombia. He was very goal - oriented and ambitious as a child. He told…show more content…
Pablo Escobar would buy coca paste in Bolivia and Peru, make small changes and improve it, and send it to the U.S. for sale. Eventually, Escobar controlled over 80 percent of the cocaine shipped to the U.S. Roberto Escobar, Pablo Escobar’s brother, helped out with dealing with the money. His brother Roberto was an accountant so he knew how to manage all of the money. Roberto spent 1000 dollars alone buying just rubber bands to wrap the stack of cash. Medellin’s local drug lord, Fabio Restrepo was murdered in 1975 and Ecobar took over his organization and expanded it. Escobar smuggled about 15 tons of cocaine into the U.S. everyday. The cartel made about 60 million dollars a day and about 420 million dollars a week. Escobar had a specific way of dealing with people he didn’t like. He called it “Plata o Plomo”, which meant silver or lead. If someone such as a policeman, politician, or judge got in his way or if he had a problem with them, he would bribe them. If that didn’t work he would give his men the order to kill them, as well as their families. In 1976 Escobar married 15 year old Maria Victoria Henao Vellejo. They had two children together, Juan Pablo and Manuela. On November 27, 1989 the Medellin cartel planted a bomb on the Avianca flight 203, he was targeting a presidential candidate at the time but the candidate wasn’t even on board, so they ended up killing 110 people innocent people. (Minster)…show more content…
His first run in was when his men were caught coming back from a drug run to Ecuador. Escobar ordered the officers who arrested them killed and the case was later dropped. Escobar had escaped from prison in 1993. On December 2, 1993 police found him hiding in a house in Medellin. They went in and had a shootout with Escobar and his men. He was shot in the torso, leg, and ear while trying to escape through the rooftop. He died later on that day from the gunshot wounds. He died a day after his birthday.

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