Assisted Suicide Case Study Answers

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1 Butch Woody Pg.92 Homework Conflict- A young woman named Tasha is in a committed relationship that is dysfunctional due to the financial instability that she and her boyfriend are experiencing since he lost his job. Although she has enough money to cover the bills that are due in the upcoming weeks, she has little faith in her boyfriend?s ability to find a job and she?s unwilling to place her fate in the hands of another person. Seeing that going through the winter months without utilities during the winter is a possibility, Tasha decides to enter the profession that got her through tough times during her late teen years: stripping. Rising Action - Tasha begins to work as a stripper and begins to bring in more…show more content…
Tasha suffered physical and sexual abuse from early childhood until her adolescence. Her memories of the traumatic events are unwanted, so she uses heavier drugs to dim the vividness of her visions. Climax - Tasha?s drug use is threatening the life that she built for herself. Her grades during her senior year are significantly lower than what she had maintained during her first three years in college. Her relationship with Jeremy dissolves once he discovers how she has been making her money. The flashbacks of the past, her grades, and the end of her relationship pushes her to attempt to suicide. Falling Action- Tasha?s suicide attempt fails and is involuntarily placed in a mental institution. During her hospitalization, Tasha participates in group and individual therapy sessions. The therapy sessions allow her to reveal how much she experienced during her young life. Conclusion- Tasha is released from the mental health facility and tries to make sense of her life up to that point. She attempts to apply the lessons she learned in her therapy sessions, but feels that the pain of the past is still too much to deal with. She successfully commits suicide two months after her release.

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