Overcrowded Prisons In Nebraska

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Overcrowded: Prisons in Nebraska There are many criticisms of corrections in the United States. Some say it is too strict, others say that we are too lenient with criminals. Whatever one may think about our correction/justice system as a whole, the fact remains that prisons in the United States are overcrowded. Nebraska is no exception. Prisons in Nebraska are overcrowded, and our communities are paying for it. Many factors tie into the reasons why prisons in Nebraska are overcrowded. From the usual reasons such as longer sentencing, and incarceration, being the main form of punishment. To the more unusual, such as miscommunication amongst correction workers in Nebraska about a (Nebraska) Supreme Court Ruling which led to miscalculated release…show more content…
For example, Probation is a form of alternative sentencing. Other forms are house arrest, work release, and shock probation, to name a few. House arrest, other than probation, is one of the most common forms of alternative sentencing. When someone is sentenced to house arrest, one is only able to go to certain locations around the area. He/she has a tracking device strapped to his/her ankle so authorities know where they are at all times. Typically, probates on house arrest are only allowed to go home, work, and church, with the exception of a couple of approved locations. Work release is similar to house arrest. He/she are given a tracking device on their ankle, however, the difference is that he/she is only able to go to work and home, nowhere else. Shock probation is a little more unorthodox and not used quite as much. If he/she is sentenced to shock probation, for example; he/she could be given three months’ probation. But if they do not behave in that three months they would get a year in jail. These other methods can be effective at times, however, the most effective method is still probation. If lesser offenders were sentenced to probation more often, overcrowding would not be much of an issue at all. It begins with the judges of Nebraska learning to be more lenient with first time, drug, or misdemeanor offenders. If the probates prove that probation is still too much of a responsibility for them, then by all means send them to jail for six months. Until then, probation is the way to go for the State of Nebraska. If judges in Nebraska would learn to utilize probation, it would significantly ease overcrowding. Massive overcrowding of prison facilities in NE, has caused tough decisions to be made, such as, who to let out on parole and who to keep incarcerated. If the decision is to let an inmate out on parole, then it is up to prison officials to

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