Overcoming Obstacles Of Being African-American Culture

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1.I have been residing in Rocky River, Ohio for eight years now. 3.As a young man, I shuttered to the fact of anything affiliated with race. 1.I was brought up in a single parent household that embraced culture and accepted each individual the way they came into the world. 4.Being the 1% in my community was an obstacle that, later on in my life, I had to face with much adversity. 1.I was constantly reminded of the color of my skin and even being ridiculed for having it. 3. Entering my fourth grade year in Rocky River, my fellow peers had mixed feelings about the new black kid in their classroom. 1.I refuse to say that being African-American is a problem, but the lack of awareness in my tight knit community is a dilemma. 2.A cultural dilemma that I have brought upon myself to change.…show more content…
3. Taking care of my younger sister and mother was essential, and at the pinnacle of my responsibilities.1.I put aside my childhood to make their lives better and easier, and with a smile on my face and a pep in my step, I silently fought the difficult battle of racism. 3. Understanding myself as an individual, I questioned my place in this world, and wondered why the color of a person's skin determined if anyone will sit with them at the lunch table or even give them the time of day. 4. The one being that determines my future and how I will live my life will always be me. 3. Entering Rocky River High School, I began to self reflect on what kind of person I would like to become. Will I be bitter to the bullies and onlookers who taunted me for many years, or will I become an example? 1. I choose to become an example of a triumphant individual who fought his way through the hate and inequality of his community, embraced his race, and began to surround myself with positive people that will benefit me with their attitudes and

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