Thematic Essay On Salvation

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In both religions Salvation is what you need in order to live eternal life, Salvation is described to be a spiritual rescue, Theologically. As the dictionary has given it, Salvation has been described as deliverance from evil, ruin or destruction. The Christian religion defines Salvation in the Bible as God freeing humans from all sin such as sorrow, sickness, death, and powers of the wrongdoers. However, in the Islamic faith, Salvation is gained from doing the good in your life, to live a life that is pleasing to Allah (God). As they mention you are always accountable for the wrong and the good you do, your good deeds are weighed against your bad deeds. The Islamic faith has many practices and key beliefs for their religion; they believe that there is only one supreme God,…show more content…
If a Muslim is to keep up with all those above, he/she will be known to be a good Muslim who has lived to please Allah (God). If so, he/she would be accepted by Allah who will then give them salvation. But to maintain Salvation, a Muslim is to keep worshipping God regardless of their situation and is always to worship at certain locations and environments. Therefore in order to gain salvation in the Islamic faith, it’s what a Muslim does during their lifetime that gains themselves salvation and which enables Allah to accept them. Although, these two religions have similar beliefs, they also differ themselves quite a bit within what they believe in too. However, it’s fair to say that one’s definition of Salvation in one religion is working their way up the ranks, as in working to weigh off your bad deeds within what they do during their daily lives, and on the other hand, one believes that salvation is given to you freely through the death of Jesus

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