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Orgasm is term defined as a feeling of being “on a roller coaster ride” or the highest erectile point during a sexual intercourse. Orgasm Inc., by director Liz Canner, shows how the society comes up with a disease for women related to sexual arousal. Orgasm Inc. explored the how this disease for poor sexual activity or the term for females with this problem came to being. Once this disease was marketed in the public, the public attention soared up towards this controversy. There was not a known reason to whether this was a legit disease or not but thought leaders saw this opportunity as making billions of dollars. All the “thought leaders” or the multi million companies needed was a strong pharmaceutical product that would gain the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and the public’s attention to purchase the product. Originally, director Liz Canner was preparing this documentary…show more content…
is female sexual dysfunction (FSD). This discovery took flight after television media brought up the term. “In this morning’s healthy women, something new to deal with, an astonishing statistic. 43% of women aged 18 to 59 have some kind of sexual dysfunction”. This “some kind of sexual dysfunction” became the medical phrase or terminology of female sexual dysfunction (FSD). Female sexual dysfunction means exactly what the words portray, women having difficulty engaging in sexual activity, in other words reaching a certain point of desire or response: orgasm. According to the documentary, the symptoms for this disease are lack of desire, lack of pleasure, and painful intercourse. There is still debate over validity of pronouncing this dysfunction as a contested illness or disease. Historically there has been a “complex relationship between psychiatry and feminism”. There is not an accurate method found to measure when females have reached orgasm or not whereas in males, it is evident as their genital part increase in

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