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After all from what we all have heard, they say “that you must look, before you leap." But in the solider training program, if you look you could get yourself wounded or killed. So, they tend to believe you can never be too careful, because you are never too young to die in a shootout. So they trained their soldiers to be very on edge about people coming up to the Dome, that we not authorized personal. They believed in fighting and killing for the defense of the Dome. We as a group are very expendable, so we had to be on edge and very careful. Because if we went missing the overseer, would not put much effort in finding, we because she believed in that old Star Trek quote “The need of the many out way the needs of the few." So as you could imagine in a dome filled with thousands of people, we were not the many. (We were…show more content…
Once the overseer found out about this very inconsistent story of her heritage she said that she would like to know for sure about her and her origins and once her and the overseer meet it was not a good thing old blue eyes demanded of her where her relatives had come from and why she was originally in the orphanage ( of course she had to tell a lot of lies and use a lot of half-truths) but that came back to bite her in the end because none of her facts checked out and therefore as you can imagine it was not well with her so she had no choice but to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth and the Overseer said " the way I see it you have two options you can leave the dome or you can stay and be sent to prison for 30 years for your treason" I would like to say she stayed and pursued legal help but she left the dome on the date of October 25, 3284 she went out with only her dog and her 1 year old daughter Twilight Valentine in her arms ( she wished to leave the baby but the Overseer said it could not be done since it was against the laws to have anyone in the dome that was not a legal citizen and that included children of them as
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