Magnetic Intervention: USGS Geomagnetism

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People around the world are influenced by nature every day, nature offers many, most obvious, purposes. That being it also has bad side, natural disasters. Many people are aware of these natural activities on earth. But there’s a natural phenomenon most people are not aware of but are influenced by it, Geomagnetism, the Earth’s magnetic field. The articles I choose are about Geomagnetism, magnetic storms and USGS Geomagnetism Program. This program monitors geomagnetically induced currents. Even though these currents always flow through infrastructures that can conduct electricity, too much of it can cause a disturbance, known as Magnetic disturbance. One of the most known disturbances, also one of the largest geomagnetic disturbance of the twentieth century is the great magnetic…show more content…
If such storm where to cause blackout in the Northeastern United States, it would have an impact of over 10 billion dollars on our economy, this is not including the huge safety and emergency service issue it can bring. During a geomagnetic event, deep earth conductivities and transmission line design parameters knowledge is needed to figure out the exact current levels induced to create disturbance. The USGS Geomagnetism Program, with coloration with other agencies such as NASA, NOAA, and SWPC (space weather prediction center) monitor and keep data on inductions. This data is called a magnetometer data, a real time data. The USGS Geomagnetism program currently runs 14 magnetic observatories, where these data are collected. All the data gets transmitted to Golden Colorado, where the program’s headquarters are located. Each Observatory has two magnetometers, a tri-axial fluxgate magnetometer and a proton magnetometer. A tri-axial fluxgate magnetometer is used to collect vectorial data, which is a data with a directional and numerical

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