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10/26/15 Drake Banks Oliver Cromwell Oliver Cromwell was and is now classified as a “mad monarchist”, such as Napoleon, he was a very gifted military leader, he is also the only man who murdered a king, took down a monarchy and is to till this day, the only non-royalty to ever hold the highest seat over England, Scotland and Ireland. People admire him for being the only successful republican in English history. Cromwell was an extreme religious fanatic, a military conqueror and a killer of the masses. This man was not a champion of any type of liberty, as anyone today or even then would understand it, in his career, absolute tyranny is an inevitable result of an overthrowing of a monarchy. Under Cromwell’s rule, this was one of the most depressing periods in British history. Cromwell…show more content…
However, his inheritance, marriage and business contacts had brought him some money and he was able to purchase himself a command. He gained some notice for what amounted to simple banditry but missed out on the major early engagements. However, he began to build his career in a number of mostly minor actions and he proved to be a quick learner and to have a natural military talent. He finally gained genuine fame for his part in the battle of Marston Moor in 1644 which won the Parliamentarians a dominant place in northern England. During his service he showed himself to have a natural military talent but also a great deal of arrogance, self-righteousness and, what we might call, an inability to work well with others. However, his superiors were thwarted by the fact that Cromwell and his motley army of Protestant dissenters won battles and through victory his star began to rise. After a number of changes, Cromwell came to dominate the military forces of Parliament and he reorganized them to create the famous “New Model

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