Emily Beam's And We Stay

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The objects from this project are placed in a shoebox that resembles a notebook. The reason behind this is that in the book And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard, the main character (Emily Beam) keeps a journal that she stores all of her personal feelings in, which she shows through poetry she writes. The box is supposed to represent her notebook, and the items inside are almost like her secrets or internal feelings. In the story Emily begins to write poems and expresses her emotions through them more and more. “In the past, Emily Beam has written poems only when a teacher has required her to, but as soon as she lies down on her single bed under the slope of the old wooden roof, lines unspool like ribbons, and she can’t fall asleep until she ties them into bows” (Hubbard 3). Emily uses her poems almost as an escape from reality, and they are very important to her. Her notebook goes everywhere with her. Throughout the book it is proven to be important to the plot.…show more content…
In the book, Emily Beam enjoys the poems written by Emily Dickinson. She feels that she can relate to the author in a way: Emily learns to love poetry even more after her boyfriend Paul commits suicide in the library at her old school. This side of her is more understanding, calm, and helpful. This is the side of her that she shows to the people at her school for the most part. “For a while, instead of writing poems in the middle of the night, Emily reads them” (Hubbard 17). Originally when she goes to check out the book, she is looking for a specific poem, but she then begins to read more and cherishes the book more than she had originally

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