Zada's Hanukkah Legacy Analysis

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Childhood is a valuable moment one must enjoy to its fullest because it is the time when one can freely be happy. It is an interesting life event that everyone must go through since it is an inevitable biological process of development. One must acknowledge their past in order to understand not only themselves but others as well. Without this acknowledgement, one cannot recognize oneself nor can one appreciate others. Family teaches one about traditions that they believe in as well as because it helps one grow and learn many different perspectives of life. Childhood is the opportunity to learn about one’s heritage. Particularly celebrating a holiday lets one acquire knowledge about their culture which Matt Cohen discusses in Zada’s Hanukkah Legacy (1995). In this work, he narrates his past celebrating Hanukkah – a Jewish holiday – with his family. Throughout Zada’s Hanukkah Legacy, it is evident that Cohen cherishes the memories of his grandparents – particularly his grandfather – who teaches him cultural values that still impact him today. Therefore, cultural transmission is an extremely important tool that supports you to become who they are today especially in multicultural societies.…show more content…
It is a privilege to learn about one’s cultural history from their family member(s) since it lets one learn more about oneself and others. In Zada’s Hanukkah Legacy, Cohen’s grandfather reiterates a story to him every Hanukkah about an event that occurs during the Ancient Greece civilization. Throughout this time of history, Hellenistic culture is rapidly impacting people leading the decline of Jewish belief. However, Mattathias – a Jewish priest – contributes a significant honour for his religion when he refuses to worship Jupiter by killing a soldier and a traitor resulting the Maccabean Revolt to retain Jewish beliefs and take back their holy land. The revolt creates the establishment of Hanukkah

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