Okonkwo's Tragic Flaw

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Andrew Bryan Mr.Lenzi Sophomore English Okonkwo is renowned as a wrestler, a fierce warrior, and a successful farmer of yams. He has three wives and many children who live in huts on his compound. Throughout his life, he fights a never ending battle for status. He has a hot temper, especially when dealing with men who are weak and have no status. However, Okonkwo over compensates because he is haunted by his dead father's womanly ways. He does not tolerate idleness or gentleness. Throughout the length of the novel Okonkwo is put through many challenges which ultimately lead him to his untimely demise. Okonkwo is a Tragic Hero. The definition of tragic hero “a literary character who makes an error of judgment or has a fatal flaw that, combined with fate and external forces, brings on a tragedy” (Dictionary.com) The character Okonkwo can be sympathized with because he is considered a tragic hero. A tragic hero has a flaw, and in Okonkwo’s case his most distinctive flaw is his fear of failure. This flaw is…show more content…
His anger has helped him in his life, ultimately, is also destroys his way of life. Okonkwo tempor on his son is harsh. When Nwoye overhears that Ikemefuna was to be take back to his village. “Nwoye overheard it and burst into tears, whereupon his father beat him heavily.(57) To Okonkwo, crying is very womanly, and so Nwoye is punished for it. Okonkwo's wild anger eventually drives his son away from him. It makes Nwoye want to join what Okonkwo wants to destroy. “He confronted the head messenger…in a flash Okonkwo drew his machete. The messenger crouched to avoid the blow. It was useless. Okonkwo’s machete descended twice and the man’s head lay beside his uniformed body.” (204).Okonkwo's hate and anger made him kill a messenger and eventually leads him to his death. It is clear that he is not able to control himself, and anger does more harm than good. Hate and anger is a very destructive way to live your

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