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Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys and Judges are the most important persons in a court proceeding, whether it is criminal or civil. The Defendant Army Smith was charge of a felony crime against the state. The persons mentioned above made sure that justice was brought to the families of the victims. A defense Lawyer has the duty to build a case for his client to obtain leniency for his client. Prosecutor, Don Harris Grand Jury is a setting where no judges are present and very often there are no lawyers apart for the prosecutor. The prosecutor duty in that setting is to explain the law to the jury and to assist them to gather evidence and listen to various testimonies. Evidence, exhibits and other testimony are very critical to any matter, so therefore strict rules has to be adhere to before admission. A grand jury has the legal right by court to see and hear almost anything they would like. When the prosecution files an information, the hearing has to be held…show more content…
The Judge role at a jury trial is to rule on issues of law or procedure such as addressing attorneys' objections to questions or evidence or ruling on motions that the attorneys make. In this article, (http://www.rms-law.com/Articles/What-is-the-Difference-Between-a-Bench-Trial-and-a-Jury-Trial.shtml) “In a jury trial, a jury composed of members of the community is present at the trial to act as the finder of fact. The jury listens to the evidence that each side presents during the trial and renders a verdict based on how persuasive each side's evidence is.” The great thing about being in a jury trial is juries do not have to answer to anyone for the decisions they make in any matter. Judges on the other hand may be influenced by the fact that they may face re-election or review from the governor to keep their jobs. Sometimes a judges job making serious decisions in matter that are very sensitive would cost them their

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