Officer Misconduct Research Paper

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Officer Misconduct and Law Enforcement Obligation to the Law Officer misconduct and obligations of law enforcement accountability can be a challenging dilemma to officers having to enforce the law on a fellow officer. Knowing the lasting effects to the offending officer’s career, future employment & retirement makes it difficult to hold fellow officers accountable of misconduct. (Colman, 2009). Police misconduct has two classifications. of “Neglect of Duty” requires suspension with loss of pay and a more severe charge is “Conduct unbecoming an officer”- the highest in the department’s disciplinary code stipulates that an officer should be terminated (Giannetti Jr., W. 2003. p.34). Further police crimes are crimes committed by sworn law enforcement officers who are given the general powers of arrest at the time the offense was committed. (Pollock 2014). Conduct unbecoming has been a charge used in…show more content…
Because law enforcement personal are held to a higher standard than civilians they have to conduct themselves at all times, both on and off duty, in a manner so as to bring about the most favorable outcome upon the department (Orwell, G. 2012). There are countless categories of misconduct officers can be a part of. Physical and psychological abuse, legal misconduct, and profit motivated misconduct are to name three. This topic is of particular interest because it can allow law professionals a better understanding of how officers can fall prey to misconduct and how officers can better prepare themselves before a situation arises to avoid becoming an officer of misconduct. Also it teaches officers how to handle misconduct of fellow officers. Officer-involved domestic violence –OIDV- falls under physical and psychological abuse. OIDV is easy to define, but particularly hard to

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