Oedipus The King Literary Analysis

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In the play Oedipus the king , a few examples of imagery and symbolism are used to relay Oedipus story.The Imagery and symbolism used are helpful for the readers to develop an image of the play with symbols you typically would not think we're meaningful but in reality make a wide distinction in the plays setting. Oedipus the play uses crossroads as one example as a symbol mentioned several different times throughout the play. " I thought I heard you say that Laius was killed at a crossroads" throughout the play cross roads is used to symbolize fate like the example of killing Laius . Typically crossroads is used to symbolize a decision that has to be made, roads represent the decision and the choices sit in the middle where…show more content…
Because Oedipus has made his decision of murdering Laius on the triple cross roads the cross roads turn into fate and Oedipus's fate was revealed as he became king. Symbolism does not necessarily mean it has one specific meaning there could be your reasoning as well as one hundred other different opinions on what that symbol is or even if it is a symbol at all. The chapter "is that a symbol?" In HTRLLAP says just that, an example of this might be in the play Oedipus the king, Oedipus's house is marked several times in the play therefore I will use it as a symbol of fulfillment and truth where as others may think of it as something different. Oedipus's comes back to his home after being left alone on top of the mountain to find truth in his whole story. going back reveled truth that he wanted to fulfill the prophecy as well as his mother which involved incest. When Oedipus came home the truth about his life was out the whole town knew and even he now understood his duty in the home was. When Oedipus was born he was destined by the oracle to kill his father because of this his father lauis left him stranded on a mountain later adopted by a Shepard

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