The Cheating Of Women Depicted In Shakespeare's Othello

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After Othello accuses Desdemona of cheating on him, Desdemona wonders to Emilia why any woman would cheat on her husband. Emilia tries to convince Desdemona that many women would choose to cheat on their husbands and that this act would not be that bad of a crime. In this passage, Emilia very effectively uses logical appeal to convince Desdemona that women are justified and allowed to cheat on their husbands for several reasons. After Desdemona says to Emilia that she would not cheat on her husband even if the entire world was handed to Desdemona’s husband, Othello, Emilia responds by saying, “for the whole world why, who would not make her husband a cuckold to make him a monarch?” (IV, iii, 80-81). When Emilia answers with this quote she means that why wouldn’t a woman cheat on her husband if it would bring him riches or rewards? The woman would be doing her husband a favor.…show more content…
When Emilia said this she meant that if some men are not loyal, but abusive to their wives then those men deserve to be cheated on. Emilia also responded to Desdemona’s question by saying, “though we have some grace, yet have we some revenge” (IV, iii, 97-98). According to Emilia, women are expected to act in a polite, respectful way towards their husbands, who can be disloyal to their wives, but this is not fair towards the women with cheating, disloyal husbands, so women have the right to cheat on their

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