Delta Deli's Restaurant

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Delta Deli is a quick lunch stop shop serving all-natural food (primarily sandwiches), geared toward busy people and their families, whose occupations make it difficult for them to enjoy a tasty, yet nutritious meal. Delta Deli offers a chilled and hot selection of sandwiches, wraps, and salads as alternative options upon its debut, as well as chips and cookies complement the main meals. These aforementioned items will be available in varying quantities, and seasonal specials will also be included, such as cranberry sauce in a Thanksgiving sandwich. The products from Delta Deli are made as if they were to be for family and friends to enjoy—by not sacrificing the price and flavor for health; prioritizing quality over quantity. There will also…show more content…
Sandwiches are known to different generations of different cultures and countries--Britain has sandwiches served at high tea, and America has many restaurants focused on burgers, one form of a sandwich. Each Delta Deli is not like another as different cultural influences carry onto its products, for a wide range of food is offered, and each location’s menu would be different, and people would want to dine at Delta Deli on vacation and in other regions of the country to sample new foods. For example, there will be more bagel sandwiches in New York, and biscuits in the South. The convenient grab-and-go concept and packaging are inspired by British sandwiches, but Delta Deli will serve American food, each location with their respective regional influences. people do not have to wait for indecisive strangers. Most Americans are familiar with sandwiches, wraps, and salads, and 300 million daily sandwich consumers may have memories of having a PB&J as the main component of their lunch, and eating sandwiches from fast food restaurants including Jack in the Box, McDonald’s, and Subway. Nostalgia can be delightfully, deliciously, quickly restored, at Delta Deli, where customers do not have to wait on other indecisive patrons. Sandwiches are convenient and do not require great skill, knowledge, or amount of time to make, as an eight-year-old can make him or herself a sandwich. Delta Deli also has some tortilla-wrapped foods, such as quesadillas, and another Mexican dish, the taco, is frequently consumed by Americans. Also, in the fast-paced and health-concerned lifestyles of many people today, they would likely enjoy tasty food they can quickly get without spending too much money, which can be seen in protest toward processed food companies, to lower unhealthy minerals, and “100%” and “pure” can be seen in commercials to entice consumers. Butterfinger has

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