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After feeding greedy guests for twenty years while he was gone, Odysseus and his family are running low on money. The suitors drained it all by mooching of the family while Odysseus was away. Now Odysseus has to get a job to earn more money. With all his great character traits, but keeping the negative ones in mind, there is only one job that suits him perfectly. For his new job, Odysseus should be an elementary school teacher because he is patient, he is a talented storyteller and he can get people to cooperate. This would be an ideal job for Odysseus because an elementary school teacher requires a lot of patience to teach small children. One way Odysseus proves he is patient is he plots for ten whole years to come up with the perfect plan in the Trojan war. Then it took him another ten years to finally return home to his family. This proves he is patient because most people would have given up long before twenty years. Another way Odysseus proves he is patient is when he finally got home to Ithaca, he didn't rush…show more content…
This is important for that job because elementary school teachers must be able to keep the children engaged while teaching, and it usually involves a story. Odysseus illustrates his storytelling abilities when he tells the Phaeacians of his journey home from the war. He keeps them engaged in a story that lasts multiple days. While telling them everyone is fascinated on what he has to say. Another instance of his storytelling abilities is when he came up with, on the spot, a fake life story for the swineherd. The swineherd believed every word because Odysseus had the ability to come up with believable things on the spot. His story had so much detail and it all came together in a way that only a great story teller could accomplish. Lastly, with his storytelling, Odysseus even managed to deceive his own father with one of his intricate

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