Observational Vs Slapstick Humor Research Paper

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Observational VS. Slapstick Humor. Humor is one aspect of the English language that makes speaking the language, and listening to it more entertaining and fun. Humor brings people together with common themes that many can relate to, but it also pushes people apart when it comes to discussing topics that may offend some. There are many different types of humor that exist, and most people enjoy at least one type of humor. Observational humor and slapstick humor are two forms of humor that I enjoy. Observational humor is one of the types of humor that exists. It is based on the aspects which people experience in their everyday life. It is one of the major types that is used by stand-up comedians in their acts. It is basically summed up by saying that it’s funny... and also true. Observational humor is used not only in stand-up comedy, but films, television, and so on. This form of humor is interesting because it’s funny, and mentions subjects that are rarely discussed or noticed. Some famous people who are considered to use observational humor include Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jay Leno. An example of an observational humor joke is “We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before…show more content…
Slapstick humor is typically characterized by broad humor, practical jokes, clumsiness physical (sometimes violent action), and absurd situations. Instead of just being a comic, a comedian often tends to become an acrobat, a magician, or a stunt performer depending on the situation. Slapstick humor can be offensive to some people, since things shown or performed can oftentimes display violence towards other human beings. There are not many famous comedians who typically use slapstick humor but some do, including Charlie Chaplin, Fred Evans, and Buster Keaton. One example of slapstick humor is in the Three Stooges when someone gets a pie thrown into their

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