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Mohsain Gill 15 September 2015 Chemistry 3152 Section 019 Younger-Mertz Extraction of Nutmeg Objective: In this lab, we will be extracting and purifying the natural compound trimyristin from ground nutmeg due to its solubility in dichloromethane (DMC) and a 95% ethanol solvent. Trimyristin is 20-24% of nutmeg, we will use this to obtain a percent yield. Techniques: Reflux: A process where heat is added to a system. It involves evaporation of solvent and the recondensation of the solvent back into the system. This technique is used to optimize Trimyristin extraction by increasing its solubility into the solvent, while maintaining initial solvent levels. Filtration: A process used to separate two compounds from each other. This…show more content…
Reaction/Procedure Scheme: Ground Nutmeg _(__(DCM, Heat, 30 Minutes ) ) Trimyristin (Crude Product) Materials: Trimyristin Dichloromethane (DCM) 95% Ethanol Physical Data Table: Compound MW (g/mol) MP (ºC) BP (ºC) Density (g/cm3) Safety Info Appearance Nutmeg - - - - Spice Brown powder Dichloromethane (DCM) 84.93 -97 39 1.333 Flammable, Cacogenic Colorless liquid 95% Ethanol 46.07 -114 78 0.789 Flammable, Irritant Colorless liquid Trimyristin 722.59 56-58 311 0.885 Irritant White Solid Procedure Date/Observations Assemble Apparatus Weigh out 300mg of ground…show more content…
Added to ice bath at 4:00 pm for ten minutes, milky cream color Some precipitate stuck in vial and was unable to wash out, source of error Dried using vacuum for 20 minutes Literature Melting Point 56-57ºC, identity confirmed, melting at roughly same temperature (55-58ºC) Light brownish-tan color solid powder Final Product weight 0.0573 grams, or 57.3 mg Results/Calculations: Weight of crude product = 114 mg Weight of pure trimyristin = 57.3 mg Theoretical weight of pure trimyristin in 308.4 mg of nutmeg 20% of 308.4 mg = 61.68 mg of trimyristin Experimental percent of pure trimyristin recovered from 308.4 mg nutmeg 57.3 mg / 308.4 mg X100 = 18.6% Experimental Yield = Experimental Weight/Theoretical Weight X 100 57.3 mg / 61.68 mg X100 = 92.9% Effects of Purification - % of pure trimyristin recovered from 114 mg crude product 57.3 mg / 114 mg X100 = 50.3% Melting Point ~ 55-58ºC Spectral Analysis: N/A Discussion: Talk about solvent levels

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