Bruce Wayne's Journey

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A journey is not as simple as going from A to B. Sometimes we may require to go to C or even Z to reach B. It involves countless experiences that change the way of how responder’s think of life challenges. Christopher Nolan’s film Batman Begins focuses on life’s psychological challenges through Bruce Wayne’s inner journey, and also by deconstructing aspects of the physical journey through the Batman. Shown through the challenging nature of the journey, we are confronted with the reality that some challenges shape our actions for years or even decades to come. In Bruce’s parent’s death scene, the use of a panning out camera and non-diegetic orchestral music is used to place emphasis of the extreme grief Bruce is facing and the extremity of the situation. This event is used as a recurring motif and is an example of how a single challenge can be a catalyst for further challenges along the journey.…show more content…
Even after decades of maturing into an adult, we see how aimless and isolated Bruce has become as he has been unable to reconcile himself after his parents’ death. When he gets into a random brawl with several strangers, the fight takes place in a mud bath, and this symbolises how messy and out of control Bruce has become. Furthermore, grunting and punching sound effects with an emphasis on increased amplitude show how he has evolved physically and is able to take on multiple members, but lacks self-control and purpose. Through the characterisation of Bruce Wayne, our awareness of life’s emotional and psychological challenges are increased and it shows how difficult it is to reconcile ourselves of a tragic event even after

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