Scott Summers: An Archetypical Hero In American Pop Culture

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Scott Summers, or better known as Cyclops, is considered an archetypical hero in American pop culture. Scott’s childhood was, what we consider, unpleasant in many ways. He was in an accident when he was younger with his brother. The family was in a private jet but was attacked by Shi’ar aliens, which caused the plane to catch fire. Scott’s mom pushed both him and his brother Alex out of the plane with the one and only parachute. As they were falling from the exploding plane, Scott used his laser vision to slow down their fall. Both brothers suffered severe head trauma causing amnesia. When Scott fell, he damaged the part of his brain the would control his optic blast. Him and his brother were separated soon after the accident. Scott was put into an orphanage but continued to run away. His powers interested both the FBI and Professor Charles Xavier. THe FBI and Professor Xavier teamed up in order to find and save Scott Summers. Scott was one of the first…show more content…
Since he lost the ability to control his optic blast, the eyewear helps control it. Scott has obviously suffered a great amount of trauma over his childhood, including the amnesia due to the plane accident. Whenever Scott fights, memories of the accident flash before his eye. Being traumatized and being emotionally vulnerable are his two biggest weaknesses but can also be his greatest strengths. Considering Scott’s past, he either could have gone both ways. Meaning, Scott could have became villainous or have became a hero. He chose to be become a hero, fighting for peace between people and mutants, just like what Professor X had taught him. The school for the gifted kept growing and growing. Soon there was a group with extremely special gifts that later became known has the X-Men. When Scott joined the X-Men he became Cyclops. His friends and team still call him Scott but strangers know him has

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