Nurses Role In Ww2

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World War II Nurses “The work was exhausting, and living conditions were hard.” – Ann Bernatitus (“Nursing and Medicine During World War II”). Women in World War II were some of the most courageous and brave women in history. Not always the most respected, but definitely one of the most important roles in World War II. Nurses worked anywhere from moving train, to flying airplanes, but always got the job done. Nurses worked through tough living environments, and were under attack most of the time, but also lost their jobs when the war was over. To begin, women had to do lots of training, some lived in hard conditions, but overall they were amazing at their jobs. Most girls came from small towns, or from hospitals that didn’t have room for them (“Oral Histories of World War II: Navy Nurse”). Training didn’t last very long, only a month or so, because the demand for nurses was so high. For some, the food was good, they had their own houses, and the people were nice. They were allowed to bike, swim, and golf (“Oral Histories of World War II: Navy Nurse”). But for most, the work was long and exhausting,…show more content…
Places like the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Guam, The Philippines, Australia, North Africa, Italy, and bases in the U.S. (“American Military Nurses in World War II”). They also worked under fire, evacuation hospitals, field hospitals, moving trains, airplanes, and ships. Nurses were put closer to battle than ever before, to help soldiers get the care they needed quicker. Flight nurses and medical transport planes were the worst, because of the movement and unsteadiness. They were trained to know the effects of patients at different altitudes (“American Military Nurses in World War II”). Some injuries were too dangerous to treat, causing some injured soldiers to die; But it was very rare (“American Military Nurses in World War II”). Nurses put a lot of hard work into helping to fuel the soldiers strength and

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