Green Willow As An Evidence Of Japanese Culture

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Going back to the time of the samurai and the belief in kami, or spirits, the story “Green Willow” emerges. One samurai, Tomotada, changed his life forever when he met the young girl, Green Willow. Little did he know, she was actually a kami. This story, “Green Willow”, shows traits of Japanese culture as well as evidence of a folktale. The story “Green Willow” provides evidence of Japanese culture because of the feudal system and belief in kami. First of all, it shows evidence of the feudal system, which was used in Japan around the time the story took place which was 1200-1867. The feudal system had the emperor at the top and peasants at the bottom with the samurai in the middle. In “Green Willow” it states, “Now a samurai was not allowed

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