Norwalk To Perris Research Paper

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Growing up I had many things influence my dreams and my goals in life. I spent the first seven years of my life in a city called Norwalk, after those seven years I moved to Perris. Having the opportunity to grow up in these two places gave me the chance to experience two different cultures. In one place it was close to places full of diversity of different races but also people of my race. In the other city it is full of people of my race. These two communities taught me a very valuable lesson. In Norwalk it is like any other city, and Perris it is a valley where there are Yardley any sidewalks and where there is a lot of dirt. Moving from Norwalk to Perris made me realize how white washed I was. I'm wasn't the type of person that says "look at all this dirt and the lack of simple things like sidewalks" , I wasn't completely used to the type of changes such as the heat or not knowing anybody. Having to adapt that summer and getting to know the area taught me the lesson of being able to adapt. As we all have experienced life can have unexpected changes that cause you to adapt to the situation to handle it. The moving of two communities taught me that, so no matter what situation in my life occurred I know I will be better prepared to handle it.…show more content…
As I'm sure every parents tells their children their struggles they have been through. Knowing the struggles my parents have been through and seeing the hurt through their words, they always tell my older siblings and I on how they want a better life for my siblings and It. Knowing the struggles they went through and how they support my siblings and I in our dreams makes me want to strive for success in my life to be able to support help out my parents ams support and provide for my future family and children even more just like my parents have done everything they can for my siblings and

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