No Country For Old Men Mis-En Scene

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The movie No Country for Old Men is based off of a young hunter who happens upon a drug deal gone badly. The plot seems very simple when one of the main characters, Moss, finds a suitcase filled with two million dollars in cash, all the while surrounded with a lot of dead bodies. He took the suitcase of money, and is on the run with it through out the whole movie. One of the other main characters, Sherriff Bell, is sort of like a low-key, unsuccessful hero, and while Moss is on the run, he tries to save Moss’s life. Sherriff Bell has committed his career to protecting the people within his jurisdiction, and he believes that Moss is in way too deep to handle. However, Bell cannot quite get to Moss in time. Sherriff Bell’s traditionalist attitude…show more content…
When the scene opens, it begins with a long shot, and all we as an audience can really gather is that the area in the scene is very desolate, and isolated from anyone and everything. There is a sign in front of a very small gas station, with one car in front of it. This to show the audience that there is not really anyone around to help if one really needed it. Next, we are shown a mid shot of an elderly man writing something down behind a counter. Instead of looking threatening or scary, this man looks very vulnerable. When a customer walks in and asks the old man a question, the old man does not acknowledge his question, and just keeps writing on his piece of paper. The shot then changes to a close up shot of the man who has walked in, and he asks the elderly man the price for gas. The elderly man quickly changes the subject, which was very strange and easy to comprehend why he did that. The awkward conversation has been going on for a few minutes now, and as it continues, the camera angles are quickly switched back and forth as the conversation is going on, which gives the affect of panic, which could be felt within the elderly man while he is having this incredibly awkward conversation with this stranger. As the conversation continues, we are all of the sudden given a close up shot of a peanut wrapper that the customer put on the counter himself. The…show more content…
Normally in thriller movies like this one, fast cuts are used within the shots to intensify the action-taking place. The shots are in more of a slow pace, but are still able to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. In most of the scenes where the murderer is in them, they are drug out until the last seconds of the scene to really add to the intensity. Adding in and playing with the shadows in the scenes also is an important element that they use to heighten the intensity and suspense. One of the times I noticed it the most was the scene where Llewlyn finds the tracking device in the suitcase. As he finds the tracking device, he realizes that Anton is standing outside the door, because he sees the shadowing and the light under the doorframe. Doorframes are used quite often in this film and play a major role in building tension throughout the whole film. One other thing I noticed a lot of was mirror usage. The mirrors were used as a tool for the audience to use and figure out more information than what was being given to them, without the camera actually showing them. This film is a very different type of action thriller. The hardest thing for me as an audience member to get used to was the fact that all the sounds was actual sounds from the outside world, and no music would be coming on at any point

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