Nitrite Nitrate Level Lab Report

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In testing stream water you will find nitrates, phosphates, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, different temperatures, and pH levels. Nitrates are polyatomic ions with the molecular formula NO3. Nitrate-Nitrite Nitrogen Phosphates are present in the water through human and animal wastes.Water Research Center Dissolved oxygen gets into the water by rapid moving water taking in the oxygen surrounding. Dissolved WaterTurbidity is caused by particles suspended or dissolved in water that scatters light making the water appear cloudy or murky.Turbidity:Description, Impact, on Water Quality, Sources, Measures Temperature can affect the stream testing by impacting both the chemical and biological characteristics of surface water.EPA United States Environmental…show more content…
If the nitrate levels suddenly change fish can go into nitrate shock killing the fish. The level of nitrate in the water is used to determine the water quality. Some fish are more sensitive to nitrate levels than others so it is bests to keep the level at zero.Bio-elite Phosphates cause undesirable amounts of aquatic weeds and algae. Phosphates get into the by lawn and landscape fertilizers .Vertex Water Features Phosphates are present in the environment in low concentrations and limits plant growth. Phosphate is an inorganic chemical is a salt of phosphoric acid. Erosion and bank runoff causes phosphates to get into the water. If nitrate levels are increased that can cause phosphate levels to increase. Phosphate levels should not exceed 0.05 m/L.Enviro Sci Inquiry Dissolved oxygen gets into the water by the diffusion of surrounding air. The dissolved oxygen testing should be done on site of sample. If dissolved oxygen levels drop below 5.0 m/L the aquatic life will be under stress. If oxygen levels stay below 1-2 m/L it could cause a big fish killing. Dissolved…show more content…
“Turbidity is the measure of clarity of a liquid.” Turbidity scatters the amount of light you can see in the sample.It provides pathogens with food and shelter. If the turbidity isn’t removed it could cause regrowth of pathogens. If the water you drink has turbidity then it’s a health concern. The USGS Water Science School High levels of turbidity can causes the water temperature to rise. The materials that turbidity causes can clog fish gills. It also reduces growth rates and affecting larva growth.5.5 Turbitity Water temperature is the key factor that affects growth of plants and animals.Stream temperature can cause increase in an organism’s metabolic rate. Stream temperature increases the amount of dissolved oxygen.Stream Temperature Protocol Temperature is a major influence on biological and activity and growth.Temperature governs organisms that can live in rivers or lakes. Temperature is important to water chemistry. The USGS Water Science School The pH level measures the the level of acids and bases in the water. The higher the number the more basic it is. If the pH level is too high or too low it can kill the fish. If the pH levels move away from the range of 6.5-9.0 it may stress the animals in that ecosystem. Fundamentals of Environmental

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