Christopher Mccandless Second Law Essay

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Christopher McCandless was a young man just out of college who went on journey across American to discover himself and the true means of freedom. His adventure end in Alaska where he died of starve but seem that even though he died young he died pursuing his goals St. Augustine, who is one of Christianity’s great theologians and thinkers of the Antiquity, explain in his book On Free Choice of the Will the difference between temporal and eternal law. Temporal law is a good law but one that can be changed while still remaining just. Augustine said “I suggest we call that law temporal law, which though just, can be justly changes in course of time.” (48) The eternal law is the law established by God to govern the world. According to Augustine “Men derive all that is just and lawful in temporal law from eternal law.”…show more content…
For most of the story he owned only what he could carry on his back. He had a car at the beginning but even though it was his main mode of transportation and his only valuable possession, he abandons it easily. He even burned his money that he had with him at one time. These thing show that he truly despised material object and tried to live with as few things as possible. His dislike of worldly things seems to even able to food as multiple times in the book he is malnutrition and early in his journey he lost 25 pounds. On his final journey to Alaska, a big reason for this death was that he was malnutrition and so he could not recover from the poison like a lot of proper feed people could have. This seem to be because his priority was to gain knowledge and understand of the world which can be seen on the Alaska trip. He brought nine or ten book but only one bag of rice for food and was missing many essential tools. McCandless search for the means of life and freedom by separating himself from the world and worldly

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