Nike Swish Video And The Hochschild Analysis

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When I look at the images of the workers in the Conley book, it just reminded of what I have seen in the Nike Swish Video on how the workers and their family were dressing and how Phil Knight was dressed. It images shows the unfairness of capitalism because the ones that appears to work harder does not benefit from the product that they produced. When Jim denied Nike endorsement and went to go see how Nike workers live in Indonesia, I thought it was the greatest and simplest thing that people like Michael Jordan could to save people from poverty. I think those images shows the danger of capitalism because they shows the difficulties that those hard workers are facing when they should be the one getting the profit that the company is paying…show more content…
In the Hochschild’s article, we see many women leave their families to go work in other countries to be able to provide of their family. This it so sad because even though they are working and providence for their kids, they are not there to play the motherhood role. This is so mess up because if I stay in my country and working as hard as I could and would not be able to provide for my family, then what else can I do to provide them their needs and still play the parenting role. I think capitalism is the reason why we have so many people migrate to wealthier countries to work and able to provide for the family. I like the Nike Swish Video so much because it shows the danger that occurs in capitalism. This story shows the unfairness of Nike who moved its company in the third world country gain more profit. I would not believe the struggles of Nike’s workers if Jim and his friend did not put themselves on the workers position. Capitalism and global inequality link our lives to the lives of others around the globe by empowering other people from the third countries to work not for their own success but the success of others. When Jim went to meet with Nike’s chairman; Phil Knight I could have seen the guilt in Phil face because he knows his success depends on how cheap he paid others around the globe who should be making more money than him. I also think that people like Michael Jordan, Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo, Tiger Woods are also evil because they knew that they do not deserve to get paid for something that they do not work for it. I mean this is the worse and devilish act I even seen. It’s just so wrong and the sad thing is nobody is really trying to stop this company or force them to pay a better salary to its workers. In my opinion, I think Nike feeds the government with lots of money to

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