Nfl Player Arrests Analysis

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Gaining interest and getting the information across is a couple of the major goals of a news report. Reports can either be serious and rhetorical or satirical and funny, resulting in entertainment or facts. Using the article from The York Times “What the numbers show about N.F.L. player arrests” by David Leohardt and The Daily Currant article “NFL Announces Bonuses For Not Being Arrested” as examples to prove that the use of rhetoric is more effective at proving a claim rather than using satire to prove a claim in a news report. Being the best of the best comes with very much stress. Sometimes, in this case, walking around with players’ head at little too high per say. Both pieces share the same ideas, being the number of arrests of NFL players…show more content…
Just as everything else in life, people differ by either being more emotional or less emotional; emotion being anything that effects your attitude or feelings from being sad too being happy. Even though the satirical piece is humorous and keeps its readers interested and wanting to read more, the serious piece has more volatile information keeping the reader interested in the facts with less emotion. Take for example this satirical quote “It only makes sense for the league to give bonuses for avoiding beating up women, beating up children, drunk driving, possession of marijuana, possession of illegal firearms, dog fighting, and the list goes on” (NFL Announces Bonuses For Not Being Arrested). This quote is a prime example of the lack of seriousness and amount of humor in the satirical piece by listing all of the offences and concluding with “the list goes on” like it is a joke, joking about all of the crimes the players commit. The difference between the two pieces when it comes to emotion is the satirical piece is sarcastic so it reads to be joking, while the serious piece is straight forward with less emotion. The lack of emotion supports the claim more effectively compared to that of the satirical claim because the serious piece seems to more of a news report opposed to just a humors…show more content…
If the object has no value, then why waste your time acting upon the object. Thankfully, both of these pieces’ appeal to some amount of value, one just being more valuable than the other. Value is portrayed in the news articles by the use of facts, stats, and graphs to help support the claim. These included values are very important when supporting a claim because it helps describe the claim in a different way, adding even more support. On the topic of support, the serious paper is more effective than the satirical paper at supporting the claim because the piece its self has more than double the value of the satirical piece. The higher value is achieved by the use of facts, statistics, and graphs and just all around more support. For example, the serious piece includes three bar graphs concerning how the “Arrests of N.F.L. Players Peaked in the Mid-2000’s”, what “N.F.L. Players Are Most Commonly Arrested for D.U.I.”, and how “Player Arrests Vary Widely Among N.F.L. Teams” along with a scatter plot about how “Arrest Rates for an NFL Franchise Tend to Persist over time” (Irwin, Neil). The four graphs support the claim and further the written description of arrest rates while depicting the data in four different ways. Finally, the appeals to value including the statistics, facts, and graphs made the serious piece noticeably more effective at supporting its

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