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Carolina panther star Cameron Newton was charged with stealing computers in his college days as a gator. Newton was suspended from his team, he was also being held in Alachua county jail. He was charged with felony counts of burglary, larceny and obstructing justice. Not only for Cameron Newton but this is a worldwide problem in America because people end up losing loved ones, and in some cases their own lives over stealing. People can overcome their temptation of stealing by just simply getting a job, it doesn't have to be a high paying job just as long as the job keeps some money in your hand to provide for yourself so you don't have to filch someones else's personal belongs. Stealing is a big problem in the world today, Because not only are you stealing but your taking someone else's belongings. For instance if you steal something from a store and you end up getting away with it, the store has to compensate from…show more content…
For instance if someone is homeless they might steal food from a store, and a greedy man may steal from someones house because he wants that decoration for himself. And jealousy there is so much in this category i don't know where to begin, someone who is jealous of a friend or anybody may steal one of their possessions to feel equal to that person if that makes sense?. Stealing is illegal all around the world and if caught, a thief could go to jail, or prison if he has more theft offenses. A thief could also be put on probation, or do community service. Away from the crime, burglary can really ruin your reputation. It follows you throughout your life, it stays on your record. Last but not least stealing is a sin, It even says in the ten commandments “Thou shall not steal” i think its very important that you have a relationship with god, because he will put it on your heart if you shouldn't be doing something and stealing will really mess with that relationship between you and

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