News Report On The Animal Revolution In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Rationale: I decided to write a news report on the animal revolution that takes place in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. This book tells the story about an animal revolution. The action takes place in Willingdon, East Sussex in the early 20th century. It is mostly known as being an allegory of the Russian revolution in 1917. I figured that a news report would be a rather innovative perspective on the book since it is mainly focused on the animals. At first I was not quite sure how to emphasize the humans in a story about animals. So, the news report on a local newspaper seemed to be the perfect way to do it. Moreover, both time and space are rarely mentioned in the book. Through this news report on a made up local newspaper I highlighted this aspects which, not being essential, help following the plot. This assignment would fit in the beginning of the fourth chapter in which the attack on the farm was planned by Mr. Jones and his men. Basically what I did was overlap my work with the book but focused on “the other side of the coin”. Word Count: 191 words Animal Revolution in Willingdon? The Willingdon Post, July 6th 1906…show more content…
Jones. The Willingdon Post obtained this this information from the Red Lion pub, where Mr. Jones has lately been wailing about losing his farm. The news from the recently renamed Animal Farm has echoed all across the country, which is bad news to other farmers which are now concerned by their own land. Apparently, animals have some kind of intelligence, since they organized themselves into an uprising and even learned how to write and establish an “animal regime”. Can this rebellion really spread across all of England? But most importantly, how did something like this happened in the first

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