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The Shang Dynasty Ancient China was split up into a total of twenty-six different dynasties, each having their own unique touch on history. The Shang Dynasty in particular, has had a significant impact on the history of China. The Shang Dynasty, immediatly following the Xia Dynasty, lasted from about 1766 to 1122 BC. Even though this dynasty was thought to be only legendary for a long time, it was the first to be supported by both archaeological and documented evidence. The dynasty had many capitals through its time, but the longest lasting was at Anyang, which the last 11 rulers ruled from. The Shang beleived in a way of divine and aristocracy ruling, and had both agricutural civiziliations and cites through out it. They also made use of bronze and oracle bones in their culture. THESIS NEEDED…show more content…
The rulers during this time period beleived that it was their divine right to rule, meaning that this right to them came directly from god. With help from the aristocrats and bureaucrats, the king was the director of all life for the peasants and surfs. The kings were not only veiwed as a poitical leadeer, but also a relious leader. The first king of the Shang was King Tang, who was a a greatly loved king. Tang learned from the mistakes of King Jie of the Xia Dynasty and treated his people with much respect and compassion. This treatment resulted in the Chinese people completing many acheivments and were inspired to strive. One of the many advancments that was made during the Shang Dynasty was the use of bronze. The Shang Dynasty was the start of Chinas bronze age, which is a sign of the of modernization through China. To the Chinese, bronze was a symbol of poer, strength, luxury, and wealth. This came from bronze being used to make weapons and also ceremonial vessels that held wine and food. The use of bronze also symbolized the the highest form of creativity and artistry that there

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