Native Son Generalized Anxiety Analysis

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Anxiety is a disorder that causes a person to be worried and have feelings of fear and become generally uneasy. Anxiety causes people to become nervous and timid about their actions, provoking them to act out of the ordinary. In Native Son, Bigger Thomas mentions a number of times how he was scared of participating in certain activities or events because of the consequences behind his actions. Bigger Thomas is a fearful, scared boy who acts out in the spite of the moment; the cause and effect of his actions shows that he is a victim of generalized anxiety disorder which causes him to be nervous, scared, and uneasy about what will happen next throughout the journey of his life. In Native Son, Bigger mentions how he is privately scared about robbing Blum’s store. Initially he was not distressed about the…show more content…
The thought of robbing Blum’s store shows his fear of getting into trouble that has white people as the victim. Also, when he is first hired by the Dalton’s, Bigger is worried that he will lose his job right after being hired, because of Mary questioning him about being a part of a union. Bigger is continually nervous around Mary. When sitting in front of Mary and Jan in Ernie’s Kitchen Shack, Bigger was nervous about being seen with the white couple. He was also ashamed because he felt as though they were picking on him. The whole book Fear, demonstrates how Bigger is a victim of generalized anxiety disorder itself. He is constantly worrying about whether he will be able to pull through his master plan, or will he get caught by the police after fleeing from the Dalton’s household. He is also nervous an anxious on whether or not Bessie straightened up her act and not be a crybaby the whole time due to the circumstances he put them

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