Narratorical Speech: School? Or Drool?

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School? Or Drool? School you say, but hells gates you see. That's what most kids imagine as they enter the tall rusty gates of the place they call s..chool. From the giant bricked buildings to the grey, now turning black, gritty asphalt, this is the exact location all innocent six year olds go when their parents decide to condemn and punish all the poor souls. I can say I've been there done that, as I was sentenced to partake in the torturous activities that take place in the red and black envisioned in my memories, and I can confirm your suspicions of the forever scarring experience. ‘A part of your life you'll always remember’ indeed. Even the Devil wouldn't choose to doom anyone to the horrors of the forsaken, I can't even say it, S-c-h-o-o-l.…show more content…
Teachers. Not all but some, say 95% of all teachers are every kid's nightmare. Described as vicious, cruel, and terrifying, from their beady eyes to their long spiny fingers, I promise the majority of them look like that, at least in my dreams. Perhaps not all teachers are terrible but they take up the minority of 5%, which is not that promising to me. Why go to school for that miniscule 5%, when you still have to see the other 95%? Now, I know most teachers, alongside us, are also not the most willing to go to school to see a bunch of rambunctious, smelly, nasty kids who are, I admit are not the most pleasant. But they get paid while doing so unlike us, those who pay to come to hell. And of course it might just be me who finds school a pain in the a- pride. But of course they are those who are born genetically charismatic and confident who find school a heaven over hell, it's not just me who find it weird,…show more content…
AKA things you won't need in your adult life (or TYWNAL for short), quite a mouthful if I do say so myself. Take maths for example, I get that in primary we had to learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide, you know basic stuff, then. Wham! You are hit in the face with all these complex equations to find the hypotenuse of a triangle or to find the radius of a circle, seriously when will you need it? Sure I'll need to calculate the radius of your personal space bubble? Say ‘hi’ to your friend and calculate the speed of their mouth moving? Just a few examples to question the person who invented maths. I'm pretty sure I have a whole crowd behind me to go back in time, and mysteriously… find the person MIA. I promise it wasn't me, it was my evil

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