Narrative Essay About Spring Break

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When I left school that beautiful spring day, I had no idea what was is store for me ,for my family decided to travel to Africa for spring break. Since I had never left America, I was very excited. I was home from school that day and my family and I headed to the airport. When we got there, we waited for hours in the horrible freezing weather, and the airport seemed abandoned since most flights were canceled. Later, I eagerly ran into the plane with my little brother while my parents slowly boarded, and jumped into my seat. Then, while we took off, I stared out of the widow, seeing the rushing waves waft onto the sandy shore, and looked at the vibrating engines. Also, the flight from Dallas, TX to Cape Town, South Africa was almost two days…show more content…
The entire time Eddy talked for hours trying to distract us from the cold water surrounding us. As I curled up against the side of the raft, Ell suggested we try to catch a fish for food. Will was deft since the first one who caught a fish and generously shared it with us after he had eaten the head. The four of us looked like savages tearing through the meat and bone and selectively picking the meat when he handed it to us. This happened for days until we could bear it no longer, and we physically and mentally decayed as the water seemed to get colder every second. Also, Jack must have had a panic attack and attacked Eddy over a piece of meat. We had gone days without water or proper food and were beginning to give up, so I did not blame him. One day, I had caught a large fish and Jack couldn’t help trying to take it from me. He wrestled me until he had my head in a lock. His arm pressed against my throat as my vision began to fade. I looked up and noticed a distinct ship inches away from me. Realizing what he had done, Jack pulled back and cried into his hands. Eddy and Ell were the first to board the ship and I followed,but Will stayed. “What are you doing? Come on”, I asked him from

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