Essay On Drug Trafficking In Latin America

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Drug trafficking as we know it today is not something that came to Latin America just a few years ago , rather it dates back to the 18th century. The only reason why everyone today knows about their drug trafficking habits is because it became far more rampant in the 21st century than ever before. If we see Latin America as it is today drug trafficking is the largest contribution of these countries to the globalized world. With Mexico and Colombia as the spearheads because of their dramatic growth in drug trafficking in terms of production and distribution these countries have started becoming pray to their consumers such as the United States. Today in Latin America cannabis. Heroin and cocaine have become household names and items alike but because of its high demand in consumer nations methamphetamines have also made it to the list. Drug trafficking has moved geographically many times across Latin America. Like it usually happens with successful businesses, DTO’S for production and distribution of drugs have responded rapidly and extensively to the change…show more content…
So why is drug trafficking taking place? Why are drug cartels and DTO’S functioning smoothly enough even today? The answer to all these varied questions is that people in Latin American countries due to low economic development, less jobs and the lack of education are finding it hard to gain recognition in today’s world. More than recognition they are actually ligid not even aware of how to earn money in a more legal than illicit way. These people have been in this business for easy money since more than fifty years. They find this as way of earning easy money without any sort of hard

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